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My name is Roslyn, a roast dinner and pasty enthusiast, who for some reason finds joy in long distance running.


I was born and bred in beautiful Cornwall (hence my pasty weakness), and I'm cursed to love the sea yet be terrible at surfing.


My politics? Jam goes on first.


But joking aside... from a young age I always wanted to hold on to the moments that can't be recreated - genuine laughter shared, eyes filled with emotion, and candid interactions.



So who am I as a photographer?


I'm dedicated, creative and your biggest hype woman.


I love really getting to know all my couples, and experiencing their excitement during the planning process. I'm yet to photograph a wedding where I haven't teared up during the speeches.


I will always put your vision for a shoot first, whilst offering my own professional experience where appropriate.


Please take a look through my portfolio, and do not hesitate to contact me for any bookings or questions.

Roslyn Emma x

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